Chair of Internet and Telecommunications Business
Teaching Concept

Teaching Concept

The Chair offers a wide range of courses in the field of Internet and telecommunications business at every educational level, from undergraduate over graduate to Ph.D. level courses.

Core elements of the teaching concept

Methodological competence

Our teaching curriculum is geared to provide students with a solid knowledge of key methods, which are then the basis of a sustainable understanding of the Internet and telecommunications business. This also paves the way for students' own research endeavors in this field.


Our courses offer is not only targeted at students of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics (Information Systems, Business Administration and Economics), it is also explicitly targeted at students of other departments (especially Computer Science, Internet Computing, Media and Communication).

International orientation

English teaching materials are consistently used in all our lectures. Moreover, especially at the master's level, English is also the teaching language in many courses.

Education for science and practice

Depending on level and content of the course, the following didactic elements i. a. are used:

  • Preparation of short term papers
  • Preparation and presentation of results
  • Computer lab exercises
  • Case studies and simulation games

Research Involvement

Seminar thesis, bachelor thesis and master thesis are not offered as an end in itself, but rather in a direct research context of the Chair and the respective academic supervisor. An intensive support relationship should give the students the opportunity to reach first research achievements and to discover the enthusiasm of science.